Norion said:
JWeinCom said:

Well depending on who you ask I'm either a power hungry despot or a lazy do nothing who lets everything slide XD. 

For me the big things are that if you disagree with someone, disagree with their opinion, and don't attack the person themselves. And, if I or another mod gives you a nudge or warning you think is unfair, talk about it in the appropriate place (PM us or use the moderator thread) instead of derailing a thread. We'll hear you out. We may not necessarily agree with you, but we'll at least explain why we're doing what we're doing. If you're a good faith user who isn't out specifically to cause trouble, we'll try our best to work with you.

So, hope you'll have a good time here. Favorite games?

I remember when you weren't a mod actually. I try to always be nice and respectful so I think I'll be fine on that front. A couple of my favourites include Paper Mario Thousand Year Door and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky though nostalgia will play a role for those. What are your favourites?

Only been a mod for a few months, so that's not too long ago. I actually just finished replaying TTYD yesterday. Great game. I'm mostly a Nintendo guy. Smash Ultimate, Megaman 2,  and Mario Galaxy 2 are probably my favorite games, but that may change depending on what day you ask and what mood I'm in.