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KratosLives said:
The government should be held responsible, fkn idiots. Who stores shit like that without proper maintenance..

As someone who works for a government entity and responds to shit like this... A few months ago we had a truck carrying dangerous chemicals of various types across the entire continent, consequently there was an accident that resulted in the closest Hazmat technician brigade (Aka, mine) responding.

The truck driver was contracted by a private company and the private company failed to notify the appropriate authorities who would then have filtered that information to us via the Duty Officer, the vehicle also lacked the appropriate signage to alert us of the substances on board when we arrived to the scene.

So no... It's not always the Government at fault, companies do shady shit all the time without anyone knowing.

Mnementh said:
2020 doesnt stop to be a disaster. Apparently Ammonium Nitrate is a very powerful explosive.

Eh. Yes and no.

I would worry more about the transitional chemicals ammonium and nitrogen... Unless you had substantial amounts of aluminium powder or say... Oil hanging around.

Ammonium Nitrate is an accellerant as well, so the issue there is that we cannot "smother" Ammonium Nitrate with CO2 to put out any nearby fires and if there is an explosion, it will make the effect much more substantial.

Generally Ammonium Nitrate isn't flammable or even explosive, it's dangers come into play when it's degrading due to thermal/chemical processes or in confined/restricted spaces.

crissindahouse said:

Horrible explosion. Seems like this shit was stored there since 2013 just because of some ship which had too many defects to continue. 

And what a surprise that Trump already mentioned it could have been a bomb/attack...

It is often a substance used in bomb making. Either way, Trump needs to stop being a moron and wait for all the information before passing judgement.

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