kazuyamishima said:
xMetroid said:
I dont get why some are diminishing the DS reaching 150 millions cause it's a "portable" while the PS2 only did it by going 99$ and people bought it for DVD player

Back in 2001 a General Electric Bulky DVD was around $99. The fancy DVD players were around $199-299 whilst a PS2 was $299.

When PS2 received the final price cut ($99 from $129) on April 2009, shipments were around 140-145 million units. 

Around 2011 the DS was as cheap as $49. 


If you want to have some facts, the best selling software around the PS2 launch was the Matrix DVD and many bought it with the PS2.  It was that popular that 'the Matrix' became  the 14th best selling DVD ever (15 million copies in the US alone and the PS2 helped to reach that number)

The Japanese market went crazy for DVD thanks to the PS2  like it is mentioned in this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e27kjhZXQqE

Sony even tried to repeat it with the PS3 with marketing it as a blu ray player that enraged some fans on Vgchartz  well older forum members will remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC_Xex2CP6Q