Barkley said:
OTBWY said:

You are confused indeed.

Seems more like you were confused and thought I was taking the side of people discrediting the DS's sales, when I was merely pointing out the "PS2 dropped to $99" was some BS argument in the validity of PS2 vs DS sales.

Both systems sold amazing, DS shouldn't be discredited because it was a handheld and PS2 shouldn't be discredited because of it's price or dvd.

That's kind of nonsense though, since when you look at your original comment that I responded to, you were clearly making arguments on the opposite of what you're pretending to be here right now. The first sentence you made was one for PS2 and against DS. The second was an attempt to disprove that it sold for many as a DVD first. Do you want me to bring back the comments you made?