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src said:
Marth said:

And you are heavily cherry picking when it comes to japanese third parties. Playstation has been losing many previously exclusive Devs and Publishers over the past few years.

The japanese market is more than Capcom.

No I'm not. You guys are 10 years top late on PS's m.o. Its not about exclusivity, its about Playstation becoming the platform for selling games.

It doesn't matter if FF,KH have gone multiplatform, 90% of those sales, that fanbase, is dedicated to Playstation, and continues to spend money on their network.

I chose Capcom because they clearly show platform splits. Its the same for pretty much most third parties.

{FF,KH, Nier} {MH, RE, SF} {DBZ, Naruto, Tekken, Tales of} {Yakuza, Persona, Catherine} {Dynasty Warriors, Nioh} , all dominated by Playstation. 

MH, DQ used to be the only franchises that PS could not dominate. That's changed with MHW. DQ is perhaps the only important Japanese third party franchise left. Sony tried hard to sway it early in the PS4 life, to the point that its now getting close to Nintendo's share in the franchise.

I bet they'll try again with the PS5.

EDIT: Similar m.o in the West as well: Ubisofts FY data

Breakdown of net bookings by platform



12 mois

12 mois

PLAYSTATION®4 26% 34% 30% 36%
XBOX One™ 14% 18% 16% 20%
PC 26% 33% 26% 26%
NINTENDO SWITCH™ 10% 3% 9% 6%
MOBILE 16% 6% 11% 7%

8% 6% 8% 5%
TOTAL 100% 100% 100% 100%

I never see too many cherry-pick and distortion like in your post.

Fist, more than half of game is not in Nintendo. 

Two games launch in Nintendo platform: DBZ and Catherine. DBZ Xenoverse sells gangbusters and is a late port. 

The PS dominance in Japan is a false dominance because thirds don't invest a dime on Switch. Dominance only exist if thirds not invested on Nintendo platform. DQ is a failure in sony consoles because needed a last gen portable to pay the bill. The project of PS ecosystem with DQ backfired.