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KratosLives said:
JRPGfan said:

Supposedly it was 6-7 years, its just been stored there.
They should have moved it, somewhere more remote, and safer, and away from a important area for their economy.

There is, you can find area's were even if it does explode, it doesnt wound or kill anyone.
Also it took out a entire port area, which they are dependent on, for their economy to work (which was already failing).

Its basically the worst handling of a such compounds you can imagine, next to it being placed in a houseing area with high density populations.
I guess it would be worse if it killed like 20,000 people or such. However from the positioning of those in power, the economical impact now, is probably worse for them than such a situation would have been.

maybe it was sent to the port recently to get shipped, or maybe recently docked there and stored.  Maybe an undercover sabotaged/set it off, maybe timed bomb, no one knows..

Supposedly, the goverment marked that area, as where such materials should be.
So right next door, there was a fireworks factory.

Sounds smart right? what are the chances that theres a fireworks misshap, that ignites all that Ammonium Nitrate kept next door?

This wasnt sabotage, or a terrorist attack.

Just a unlucky accident, and bad planning by their leaders.

"maybe it was sent to the port recently to get shipped, or maybe recently docked there and stored."

They confiscated it, like 7years ago, because they feared if they didnt, it might end up in the hands of terrorists.
So instead they took it, stored it.  It wasn't resently, it was more like they just forgot about it, for along time.

The plan couldn't have been to just keep it there, but... sometimes leadership dont follow up or do the right thing.
Sh*t happends.