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JRPGfan said:
KratosLives said:
The government should be held responsible, fkn idiots. Who stores shit like that without proper maintenance..

Thats a big one yes, however the worse one is.... who stores that in a port area, thats important to the economy of the nation?
Who stores that, near residential area's? Stupid placement of dangerous compounds.

~100 dead, and ~4000 wounded.

Maybe it was stored at the port because it was about to be shipped? Why else do you think it was there?

And maybe there is a residential area because people tend to settle near ports? Have you looked at the blast? For it not to hit any residential area it would have to be built 10km outside of town but that's not really how city planning works.

There is probably plenty of blame to go around but please stay realistic here.

Edit: If it really has been left there for years that's certainly negligent. Though let's be honest, there really is no real safe place to store something like that.

Last edited by vivster - on 05 August 2020

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