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crissindahouse said:

Horrible explosion. Seems like this shit was stored there since 2013 just because of some ship which had too many defects to continue. 

And what a surprise that Trump already mentioned it could have been a bomb/attack...

He has access to some of the best intelligence gathering on the planet.... and still goes *could* have been? also everything seems to point to it not being so.

Yeah they confiscated it, forgot about it (i suspect the plan was to move it afterwards to a more secure area, more remote area).
Turns out, forgetting about a highly unstable combustable compound, isnt a great idea (esp when your storeing so much of it).

The real worry isn't even the 100 dead and the 4000 wounded.
Its the impact this will have on their economy (which was already about to collapse), and how important that port area is for them.