kazuyamishima said:
d21lewis said:
I think a lot of people double dipped on the PS2 and DS when better versions hit the market. Nintendo is making it pretty hard to choose a Switch Lite over the standard Switch and even harder to own two systems based on crazy decisions like tying certain saves to a single system.

A sleeker model would boost sales into that territory but I don't see one on the horizon based on the news I've seen so far.

Have you seen entire families of four or more members having a switch each member? I’ve seen it.

I haven't. I'm sure there's plenty, though. I just know that in my household we have a Switch and a Switch Lite. The Lite I bought for my daughter hasn't even been used because we can't transfer the Animal Crossing save data--the sole reason we even bought the system. I wanna sell it but they promise a patch is coming.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢