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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Intrinsic said:
My biggest take away from this, and looking at the trend over the past 3 years is....

Physical media is DEAD.

In another three years, I expect we would find that less than 20% still buy physical. Now its making more and more sense why sony is making a digital-only PS5.

Keep in mind that the lockdowns certainly helped people to choose digital instead of physical due to lack of alternatives. I'm pretty sure that without the virus the physical sales numbers would be quite a but higher.

That definitely helped, but I see that as the final little push digital sales needed. Here, borrowed from ERA, this tracks quarterly sales since 2016. Between physical and digital sales.

Notice how there has been a steady increase in every single quarter of digital sales. The only anomalies are Q3 (holiday) and Q4 (jan - mar) sales and that is understandable considering the number of new console owners that typically spring up in Q3.

Yeah, definitely, covid made for a near 100% boost to digital sales, but I believe its indicative of where the market is generally going.