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BraLoD said:
Hardware numbers are abismal tho.
Seems like PS4 won't have legs like the PS3 didn't.
With the PS4 Pro the price actually didn't go down a cent this gen.
Seems like PS legs are a thing of the past now, keeping prices higher is what they want.

Does it matter though? The PS4 would still end up selling well over 125M by the time it's all said and done. The only other console (home) in existence to have come close to those kinda numbers is the PS2. And I don't think PS legs were ever really a thing, that only happened with the PS2, the PS1 didn't have legs. And if you look at it, I think it's obvious why the PS2 continued to sell really well when the PS3 came along. More interestingly though, launch aligned the PS4 is selling faster than the PS2 in the same 6-7yr period. If you want the PS4 to have legs, then just pray the PS5 comes in at $599 and the PS4 is dropped from $299 to $149. 

And right now, Playstation is making more money than the brand has ever made before. 

I think sony's primary and only focus should be to get all those PS4 owners over to the PS5 as quickly as possible. And preferably buying the digital SKU.

Last edited by Intrinsic - on 04 August 2020