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src said:
MasonADC said:

MH on switch would’ve expanded their 3ds monster hunter audience more IMO, so capcom ARE missing out on something

Wishful thinking. 3DS MHs were already a decline from PSP.

HoangNhatAnh said:

Why do you ignore my post?

What was there to it?

You posted some fake numbers and blatantly incorrect statements: timed exclusives factually have a big effect. Just look at FF7R. Timed exclusives usually mean the majority of the sales and audience of a series happens on one platform.

Do this at the beginning of a generation and you've effectively tied down an entire genre if you get the right games. SFV ensured the PS4 was the console for fight game fans. FF will ensure that PS gets the large slice of the JRPG pie. COD marketing (not even timed) ensures PS gets the majority of the FPS console fans.

It all adds up. If you can't see what Sony is doing, your going to be left behind.

SFV is one of the worst-selling SF of all time. Series go down comparison to the older one. The exclusivity deal, not a good example here. Smash bros, for better or worst, is the biggest fighting franchise now. 

Capcom has to relaunch the game two times, Arcade edition e major fix before sells, and have to rely PC version to sell remotely well, a discount price.

Last edited by Agente42 - on 03 August 2020