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src said:
Slownenberg said:

While obviously it is Nintendo's loss, it is also obviously Capcom's loss. Capcom could be greatly increasing their profits if they also made MH games on Switch, that'd add probably 5-10 million sales to their totals for a single game. 

Its not though. Capcom have a finite number of teams and devs working on MH. They made the right choice in putting their resources into MHW and leaving Nintendo.

Or they could make another MH game for PS4/5/PC and sell another 10-15 million.

Eagle367 said:

Sorry but it's still Capcom's loss as that is extra profits they are missing out on. The Monster Hunter franchise is still huge in Japan and would it be better for Capcom to only have it on a system that will sell less than the PS3 there and one that barely sells? Or will it be better to have it on those 2 for the international sales and then also have it on the console that will probably outsell the 3ds in Japan and be close to outselling the PS4, if not outright doing it worldwide? 

Let's also not forget that World was a lot more expensive to make than the 3ds games so is the profit really all that different? Plus the switch is still a global behemoth and will probably sell Monster Hunter more than the PS4 or Xbox one can do combined since it will still have the same insane sales like 3ds in Japan and more sales across the globe. It is most definitely Capcom's loss because switch is selling ahead of the PS4 at this point and the software are selling like crazy and Ninty is laughing their way to the bank and any other developer with the common sense of serving their software to an eventual 100mil+ seller is laughing to the bank as well. 

There's a lot wrong here.

First MHW sold 3.5 million - 4 million in JP. The MH Producer already mentioned how they managed to retain most if not all of their audience with MHW, so no they haven't lost much in Japan.

World might be more expensive but its resulted in more sales in 2 years than the entire 3DS output over 7 years. All while being a higher price in certain regions, and all while only costing the budget of one game while during the 3DS era you'd have to pay devs for making 4 games.

We already know which is more profitable for Capcom: its MHW. They've broken FY records with that game.

TheBraveGallade said:

ninty is laughing thier way to the bank because the switch, at this point, is going to sell that well anyway even without capcom. switch would have probably sold, at the most, 1 mil more if MHW was on it, since the switch has been mostly limited  by production numbers.

meanwhile MHW would have easily sold +5 mil if it was on switch, there are a lot of people that haven't bought MHW in japan casue they don't have a home console nor do they feel the need to.

Not talking about consoles sold but platform royalties. MHW and Iceborne have sold 21 million+ . Thats a hundred million or so of money gone into Sony's pocket instead of Nintendo. MHW is also pretty much exclusive to Playstation in Asia resulting in a stronger brand.

MHW already sold 3.5-4 million in JP so most of the JP audience bought the PS4 and played it.

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