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So Nintendo reports its quarterly shipments to the public on both hardware and software (its why this sites hardware numbers shift a month after the previous quarter ended) I'm 90% positive it counts 3rd party as in the actual quarterly report it specifies what % is first party and other.

The link is

That link is just hardware and software figures for every Nintendo console while this one is the breakdown of the quarter

I believe this is the right link to where you can look at past quarters

Thank you for your work.

But apparently, either I am too stupid to find the right numbers, or Nintendo doesnt really share 3rd party game numbers in detail.

All I've seen so far are numbers for 1st party or nintendo owned games.

I'd say adding +25% should do the error justice, and also not affect my statement.

Especially with other reports saying that games, which are sold at retail for premium price, having a significantly higher share.

So the thing I did forget to mention is that while Nintendo does track 3rd Party sales, it will only release the information on it to the public only under two conditions, the first is if it crosses a million, and I'm pretty certain that it has to be within the fiscal year it was first released. The top ten (all 1st party) are regularly updated each quarter. Also if any game sells 1 million in the fiscal year it will be listed (that's why mario kart 8 dx had its sales updated despite it being a game in its 3rd fiscal year). Just type into google list of best selling switch games and go to the wikipedia list for the official list of million sellers. I understand wikipedia isn't meant to be a trustworthy source, but I've always checked its numbers against that of the reports and they've always been right. The other nice thing is that it tells you the release date, and the last update date.