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DroidKnight said:
DonFerrari said:

Even if it was between 1 month and 2 that wouldn't change that it wasn't on their checklist to improve the graphic until the uproar, so they would still have about 2 months to solve everything.

^ absolutely this. They won't solve "everything", but at least they will be working to solve issues.  Most fixes will be post launch.  Goal #1, solid gameplay.  Fix ugly secondary.

I'd imagine its much harder to solve this issue post launch than before launch.
It isnt possible to easily patch your way out of everything.
If they have 3 weeks extra (due to old build) or 6-7 weeks, in the grand scheme of things, it probably doesnt amount to much of a differnce.
They are supposedly releaseing at launch in november.
Thats 3 months away, and you need it ready, a month before launch date, so you can send it to get made and packaged into dvd box's and shipped off to retail stores.

How much does this game change over the next 2~3 months?
Chances are high it launches looking much like it did in the trailer.

On the upside:
Supposedly the single player(campagne), is its own thing standalone thing (which you pay for), and the multiplayer is f2p.
I heard a rumor that its a fortnite clone, set in the halo world. Its battle royal style halo.
Theres gonna be tons of skins & emotes & dances.