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JRPGfan said:
DroidKnight said:

You should just say days old build instead when referencing the age. What if it was 8 days old and they didn't want to say 1 week and 1 day so they said weeks. 8 days would make it look worse and supply more fodder for you to use.  

When they said "weeks", that should mean more than 8 days right? think a little.
the S, hints at more than one (ei. two weeks or longer).
Okay now, how many days are there in minimum 2 weeks? thats right 14days.

The newest the build could be is 14days, not 8.
However it cannot be more than 3 weeks old.
Otherwise they would have said "a month old" or more than a month old (month + 1day minimum), or nearly a month old.

If they say "weeks" old, then its less than 1 month old.
No two ways about it DroidKnight.

I can only go by the "several weeks" reference.  Too vague to put an actual time stamp on it.  But if I wanted to spin it in a direction I would change the word several to (few or two) to make it seem shorter or (4 or more weeks) to make it seem longer.  But if you want it to seem really short call it 14 days or a longer build go back to the original months.  I'm just saying that you should use the shortest time frame possible to pose your statements.

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