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JRPGfan said:
DroidKnight said:

You should just say days old build instead when referencing the age. What if it was 8 days old and they didn't want to say 1 week and 1 day so they said weeks. 8 days would make it look worse and supply more fodder for you to use.  

When they said "weeks", that should mean more than 8 days right? think a little.
the S, hints at more than one (ei. two weeks or longer).
Okay now, how many days are there in minimum 2 weeks? thats right 14days.

The newest the build could be is 14days, not 8.
However it cannot be more than 3 weeks old.
Otherwise they would have said "a month old" or more than a month old (month + 1day minimum), or nearly a month old.

If they say "weeks" old, then its less than 1 month old.
No two ways about it DroidKnight.

Even if it was between 1 month and 2 that wouldn't change that it wasn't on their checklist to improve the graphic until the uproar, so they would still have about 2 months to solve everything.

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