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LudicrousSpeed said:
DonFerrari said:

If you have to chose between 1080 for 120 or 60fps for 4k then it isn't a 4k120fps set.

Whether it’s a 4k120 set or not is irrelevant, that’s not what Snoopy said, which is what jrpgfan quoted. He was excited for 120fps and jrpgfan wondered how common a 4k HDR 120-144Hz TV is. They’re not super uncommon. Plenty of people can take advantage of the 120fps. Now, 4K at 120fps is a different story but again is irrelevant as Snoopy was just talking about frame rate. Hope that helps.

And are you even expecting Halo Infinite MP to run at native 4k and 120fps anyway? lol

hinch was asking if a lot had 4k120fps and that was what I was replying to.

And nope not even on PC I expect 4k120fps for Halo Infinite, at least not with a good graphical setting.

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