Funny that you posted this because I'm actually playing it right now lol I'm at the part where I just met up with Mack at the bunker.

Personally loving the game so far (story is way more enjoyable than Dark Fate) Definitely recommend the game to any fans of the franchise as well. It's a low budget game but it's really fun and loving the RPG aspect. It's not crazy in-depth but it's definitely fun. Wouldn't have mind it being coop like the Terminator Salvation game last gen. (But im just a sucker for coop).

FYI, doesn't the first Resistance corpse you come across in the hospital chapter look really familiar??

Also I actually enjoyed Terminator Salvation movie as well. Watching that movie actually made it feel like the story was finally moving forward and eventually getting to the part where John Conner reprogrammed Arnold Terminator etc.. but then they kept 'rebooting' the series. I feel bad for fans of this franchise as this started 36 yrs ago and yet it feels like the story barely progressed at all. (....and then Dark Fate screwed it all up)