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If they don't end up having a major new release (which obviously they still could, we simply know nothing about future game releases at this point), I think it's likely they realized that a couple months ago and can probably put together some ports in time for the holidays. Mario Collection? Wind Waker HD? Metroid Prime Trilogy HD? 3D Mario World? Skyward Sword HD? If a few of those came out, along with some third party games, it'd be a lackluster holiday sure but enough to get plenty of gamers excited. A good Mario Collection alone would probably be a 10 million seller. Heck I'd eventually pick up the first three of those ports so I'd be perfectly fine with that holiday if then 2021 is a huge year since Fall 2020 games got pushed back to Winter/Spring 2021.

The fact that they only announced Paper Mario what like less than two months before it came out or something makes me think we'll be getting some game announcements in the next two months and the people who just assume nothing is coming will be pleasantly surprised.