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I'm sorry but this is where I stopped reading.

No one ever said Breath of the Wild 2 was coming this year. We didn't "know" that at all, because it's not true. If you thought it was gonna happen, then good for you I suppose, but it was always a very hopeful prediction to say the least. If it doesn't come out this year, it wasn't "delayed", that's only your perception of it as you had your hopes up too high.

And yeah, there will be no major fall title for Nintendo, get over it. Play older games to fill the void, I don't know.

I'm pretty sure Bayonetta 3 will come out by February which is enough for me, in terms of Breath of the Wild 2 you are right it was always TBD but I doubt Nintendo initially wanted the holiday quarter to lack any major title from their side. That's why I bring it up, there is no other more likely candidate for their big holiday game. I don't have expectations about when it comes out personally, I'm a patient person. 

In any case, I mostly play Splatoon 2 and indies, last 1st party title I bought was Bayonetta since I wanted to replay it. When I decide to fill the void I might just buy New Horizon ;) 

This is mainly to speculate on how they are planning to keep mindshare in the West, maintain momentum with the sales, while their competitors are launching their new systems - especially in a post-COVID World which is looking for escapism. With no big fall title yet dated but huge demand they would likely want to capitalize in some way even if they aren't able to launch another major game this holiday.