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hinch said:

So 343i have come out and sent out this statement. The build shown for the demo was only a few weeks old apparently - source Reddit.

Its good they are acknowledging the issues people raised. And hope they'll address most of the issues by launch.

But at the same time this also raises eyebrows over at the PR from Aaron Greenberg who's basically telling fibs to everyone, I mean.. >_>

This shows some things, this build isn`t from Jan-Mar but probably something less than 2 months old, possibly less than one month old. Also that they thought it was fine just needing natural progression when they released for use on the conference. Shows that they know it is a problem so no need to excuse it and say Halo isn`t supposed to be a showcase. Also show that they cancelling the beta because of covid being such a big burden will make their ability to correct everything in a couple months to go gold something very hard. So if a delay doesn`t happen we will have a big day one patch and still won`t be a graphical showcase on launch, but since they want it to be a 10 year supported game perhaps after a couple years it can become the prettiest game on the system.

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