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GamingRabbit said:
d21lewis said: it an eighth gen or ninth gen handheld? It's definitely a quantum leap above the 3DS and Vita.

I'd say neither. As a Handheld it's Nintendo's 5th Generation.

If you keep handhelds seperate from home consoles you would get 5th gen.

If you want to consolidate both types of systems into 1 generation we would seriously have to consider PS5/XSX to be 10th gen.

Right now, the switch is a little bit less than 3.5 years old. And by the time PS5/XSX release it will be even older.

But you know what? The GBA released 21st of march 2001 and the NDS 21st of november 2004 -> 3.66 years apart.

Also the switch launched more than 3.66 years after PS4/XB1

So if 3.66 years are enough for a new generation (GBA -> DS), then Switch would be the first and only 9th gen system and

PS5/XSX would be Gen 10.

However, we COULD also presume that the PS4Pro is a Gen 9 system, because it is the only system to support VR,

thus giving it PS4pro "exclusives" in a way. It would become real' messy though.

So it's either Gen 5 (handheld time line) for switch, or gen 9 for switch with PS5/XSX being gen 10

Well baseline PS4 also supports PSVR.

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