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GamingRabbit said:
Shiken said:

Switch was the primary replacement for the WiiU.  It is a console with portability as a feature, deal with it.

Switch is a handheld with optional tv-play and belongs to the handheld generations.

Nintendo left the home console market with the switch.

Every heard of the saying "what you say is one thing, what you do is another" ?

Nintendo announced/promised a (pure) home console, advertised a hybrid, delivered a handheld.

It's the inabillity of people to properly differenciate between handheld/HC which lead to this pointless thread.

What you say is one thing, but what the vast majority of people use it for is another.  Every poll I have seen is showing more people playing docked with a pro controller, using it as a console (or both with docked being favored).  It has the ability to further downclock its performance to allow for portability as a feature.

Nintendo advertised a console with hybrid functionality, and delivered just that.

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