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d21lewis said:
GamingRabbit said:

Switch is a handheld with optional tv-play and belongs to the handheld generations.

Nintendo left the home console market with the switch.

Every heard of the saying "what you say is one thing, what you do is another" ?

Nintendo announced/promised a (pure) home console, advertised a hybrid, delivered a handheld.

It's the inabillity of people to properly differenciate between handheld/HC which lead to this pointless thread. it an eighth gen or ninth gen handheld? It's definitely a quantum leap above the 3DS and Vita.

I'd say neither. As a Handheld it's Nintendo's 5th Generation.

If you keep handhelds seperate from home consoles you would get 5th gen.

If you want to consolidate both types of systems into 1 generation we would seriously have to consider PS5/XSX to be 10th gen.

Right now, the switch is a little bit less than 3.5 years old. And by the time PS5/XSX release it will be even older.

But you know what? The GBA released 21st of march 2001 and the NDS 21st of november 2004 -> 3.66 years apart.

Also the switch launched more than 3.66 years after PS4/XB1

So if 3.66 years are enough for a new generation (GBA -> DS), then Switch would be the first and only 9th gen system and

PS5/XSX would be Gen 10.

However, we COULD also presume that the PS4Pro is a Gen 9 system, because it is the only system to support VR,

thus giving it PS4pro "exclusives" in a way. It would become real' messy though.

So it's either Gen 5 (handheld time line) for switch, or gen 9 for switch with PS5/XSX being gen 10

Last edited by GamingRabbit - on 31 July 2020

Nintendo Switch:

... announced as a Home Console

... advertised as a Hybrid

... delivered as a Portable