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Train wreck said:

No context at all.  MHW and its 15 million is not comparable to Iceborne and its 5 million.  The 15 million for Monster Hunter World is after 24 months on the market, MHWI's 5 million is after six.  So if you feel that MHWI's sales will remain at 5 million for the next 18 months, then you have a point but you know that is not happening and that sales of that game, and the original, are higher than the 15 and 5 respectively anyway (as we will see in their upcoming earnings report).  Capcom would be stupid to break those type numbers to sell less as a Switch exclusive.

The best apple to apple comparison is that after 6 months, MHW did 8.3 million (2 consoles), after 6 months MHWI did 5 million (3 consoles) which is a 60% retention

MH and Iceborne comparison comes about in comparing how the expansion approach compares to prior installments having an expanded version, in the case of the portables the majority of the userbase followed onto the expanded versions at a rate of 80% being the lowest to some even 100% while in in MHW only a third has so far followed through in total in acquiring the expansion and this is across three platforms it's not what anyone thinks it's going by current numbers for reference if each platform sold equally that means from 5m only 1.7m have continued on. Now compare that to something like MH4 where 100% followed through of the 4.1m of even the lowest in MHF to MHFU which is 80 in 3.9m, Iceborne sold 5m after six months on 3 platforms but MH4U was already pass 3m in under one meaning on a platform by platform basis that's 1.7m in six to 3m plus in one.

The context is someone cited sales but numbers as seen in the portable side are not only consistent but comparable to each platform it retains a certain demographic that the home platforms don't reach as well and still at this point remains untapped.