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Shiken said:
Truthstation said:

8th generation

Wii U: 2012

PS4: 2013 

Xbox One: 2013

Mid-gen upgrades of 8th generation:

Switch: 2017

PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro: 2016

Xbox One S / Xbox One X: 2016/2017

Btw Wikipedia lists Switch as 8th generation too.

Switch is not a mid gen upgrade, but an entirely new device with its own library.  Your logic is flawed.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, and therefore is open to people who mistakenly call it gen 8 to state as much.  That does not make it fact.  The bigger factor is how long it competes with the PS5 and XSX.  If it stays on the market beyond 2023, there is no denying it as a 9th gen console with hybrid functions.  And with the way Switch is selling, don't expect a successor anytime soon.

Couple that with the fact that it replaced the actual gen 8 console, and it becomes all that more clear that Switch is part of gen 9.

By that scenario would dictate that the switch is a handheld. It is not affected by the current 8th gen consoles and wont be affected by the 9th gen either. Handhelds and consoles are on diferent cycles. 

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