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DonFerrari said:
GamingRabbit said:

Yet the hardware and firmware DO support TV-play, and that's the difference.

But you even notice how rediculus your argumentation becomes?

By that logic, you, as a living being, do not exist, because the sperm and the ovum you originated from werent put together right from the start.

As long as the manufaturer intends the product to have feature xy, it doesnt matter if the components are sold seperately or together.

Just question yourself... what would the psp be, if sony would have decided to put out a bundle with both psp + component cable together.

And right next to it, there would be the psp alone. But both use the cable for tv-play, whether it is included or not.

I guess you didn`t notice I was agreeing. The switch doesn`t become anymore home console than PSP because the dock is in the same box =p

No I didnt notice.

Sorry, my bad.

I apparently understood something different than what you were trying to say.

But yes Switch has never been a home console. And since it's not, its a handheld.

Because Hybrid = Handheld + Home Console.

Remove the home console and we get

Hybrid - Home Console = Handheld.

And this is important: because the switch is a handheld, it must be put in that time line.

If we consider Nintendo to be the one who really started the handheld business, we have the

GB(C), GBA (SP), NDS (i), 3ds/2ds and now the Switch, which means the Switch is Nintendos 5th gen Handheld, and neither 8th nor 9th gen HC

Nintendo Switch:

... announced as a Home Console

... advertised as a Hybrid

... delivered as a Portable