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curl-6 said:
Otter said:

This was supported by wildly cheaper specs and production values though. Capcom was able to essentially keep production costs at PS2 levels for another decade. I think a Switch exclusive entry would be a pretty ambitious endeavour even though its portable, which I imagine would make them favour just porting World which is definitely possible. Although maybe more likely is that they will produce somewhat of a remix, using many assets from world but smaller, bitsized areas with new and original content. 

Capcom have repeatedly ruled out a port of World, (they get asked at just about every investor meeting) but I think you're onto something; a remix of sorts using repurposed World assets would actually be the best solution. That said, when it comes to the Switch they seem to have an irrational aversion to supporting it properly.

It'd be great if they did a Switch port of World as long as it ran decently, but yeah obviously that isn't going to happen. World's success in the west means Capcom doesn't need to drop PS/Xbox in exchange for Nintendo. But still it would make financial sense for them to have a team making a ground up Switch version of the next game while they make the PS5/XBS version.

A Switch version of the next game would cost a lot less than the other version and add many millions to their sales. Japan alone would probably rack up 4 or 5 million sales on the Switch. It could realistically be a 10+ million seller on Switch alone thanks Japan domination, and since they are already making the game a lot of code could be copied to the Switch version, just with different assets made from the ground up for the Switch, and then obviously changing the code in whatever ways needed to optimize for the Switch. It'd probably be an extra 10+ million sales for at most 50% extra effort. Though knowing third parties these days, they'd rather just be lazy than make more money.