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JRPGfan said:

"Will the PS5 be competing with the Switch?"

They dont.
They arnt competeing over the same things.

Do you want to play the latest big budget multiplat AAA game?

Do you pick the Switch or the PS5 for that?
The answear is only one of them can do that.

Do I want to play the latest Animal crossing?
The answear is only one of the system has that game.

This is a description of competition.  People want to play games on a home system.  Some will prefer the system with AAA multiplats and choose PS5.  Others will prefer the system with Animal Crossing and choose Switch.  That's competition.

Barkley said:

- If Switch successor launches before August 2024 than more of the Switch's life as the most recent console will be alongside ps4/xbo rather than ps5/xsx.

This whole debate will blow over in a few years anyway, and history will remember the Switch as an 8th gen console. It already says as such on Wikipedia. Generel consensus is what matters, and on a forum such as this there's always going to be a larger amount of people viewing it as part of this new generation than there is in the general public. Yet even here of all places the poll is split.

Do this same poll in a few more years and I guarantee "no" would be the overwhelming winner.

Do you think people in the public are really thinking that the 3.5 year old Switch is part of the "next generation!" that all the mainstream news outlets they read are talking about?

10 years from now Switch will be remembered alongside PS4/XBO becuase when your average joe gamer thinks about the next generation right now, they are absolutley not thinking about the Switch being part of that.

I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to break it to you.  Your analysis of the Switch has been incredibly poor.  I mean, it's obvious you study the numbers, but you don't come to conclusions that are remotely true.  A couple of years ago you told me Mario Kart 8 would sell 25m tops.  It's basically already sold that and it's still going strong.  You were wildly wrong, and you haven't adjusted your assumptions at all.  That is poor analysis.

Also, the general consensus does matter, but not the internet consensus.  What people say on the internet will not determine the generation.  What will?  Sales.  That will answer the question once and for all.  In the end we can study PS5+Series X sales.  If they end up to be a similar total to PS4+XB1 sales, then I will have to concede that I was wrong, and Switch was not a Generation 9 system.  On the other hand if PS5+Series X sales take a significant dip compared to PS4+XB1, then you are wrong, and Switch is a Generation 9 system.  It all has to do with competition and that will easy to determine during the next few years.  Either the systems launching this year will sell like the previous gen or they won't and that will determine who is right.