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xl-klaudkil said:
Intrinsic said:

So... if or when you can play your PS5/XSX games on your mobile phone while away from home as long as you have an internet connection, does that make them hybrids too?

And what would you call the Switch Lite, a hybrid? How? And what happens if a year from now Nintendo removes their software lock on it and releases a cable that allows you to connect the switch lite to a TV?

The switch is handheld. That can also happen to be connected to a TV. Calling it a hybrid is like Callin a galaxy phone a hybrid because it has Dex. Or calling a laptop a desktop/hybrid because you can connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Why IS it a handheld, because every single witch console comes with all you need to game on the go with it in your hands. You DO NOT NEED a TV at any point in time to get the switch working or gaming.

I guess you can call it a hybrid because you can "choose" to use it while tethered to a TV. But in truth that's more a QoL feature than something that is contingent to being able to use the Switch. I'll say again, the Switch Lite is physical proof that the Switch is a handheld. There is no need for new made-up names or qualifiers, there are a lot of things out there that can do more than one thing, but if you look closely (hell not even closely just look honestly) you can clearly see what that thing really is or what its primarily designed to do.

Its like everyone just forgot that even the PSP had AV cables too that allowed connect it to your TV. Does that make t a hybrid too?

This is silly, ofcourse is the switch lite not a hybrid, the av cables for the psp tou had to buy  put of the box the switch is both  console  and handheld,i only use my switch as a console.

but ofcourse you know it better then nintendo. 

You can decide to use your laptop only when it is connected to an external displaying unit if you wish, but that doesnt make it a stationary PC.

You can use your fingers to dig a hole, yet you dont have 5 shovels attached to your hand.

That means, just because A CAN be used in a way that B can be used, doesnt make A = B.

(Example: f(x) = x² and f(x) = x produce the same y at x = 1, but they are still different functions)

Nintendo can say many things if the day is long, but they dont have to tell the truth.

The hybrid thing is just a marketing thing, nothing more.

The PSP is a valid point, because it was intended by the manufacturer that it is able to be used that way.

Whether the cable is included right from the start or not doesnt matter.

For dedicaded gaming devices the following goes:

Handheld: must be usable in a portable contect, may be usable in a stationary context

Home console: must be usable in a stationary contect, must not be usable in a portable contect.


Lets turn things around, shall we?

Can you prove, why the switch is a hybrid?

And no, Nintendo saying so doesnt count.

And TV-play doesnt count either because both stationary and portable systems are allowed to do that without them changing their definition.

Do it based on the hardware inside the switch itself.

Last edited by GamingRabbit - on 31 July 2020

Nintendo Switch:

... announced as a Home Console

... advertised as a Hybrid

... delivered as a Portable