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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Because Switch and PS5 are the latest home systems for their two respective companies, they are in the same generation.

WiiU, PS3 and Xbox 360 were the latest home systems from their respective companies in 2012, they were not in the same generation.

Switch will be about 3.7 years old when PS5/XSX launch. Are we to say Switch had zero contemparies for it's first 3.7 years? Nah.

 - Number of games shared between Switch and PS4/XBO will be higher than PS5/XSX.

- Launch date of Switch is closer to PS4/XBO than PS5/XSX.

- Power is closer to PS4/XBO than PS5/XSX.

- If Switch successor launches before August 2024 than more of the Switch's life as the most recent console will be alongside ps4/xbo rather than ps5/xsx.

This whole debate will blow over in a few years anyway, and history will remember the Switch as an 8th gen console. It already says as such on Wikipedia. Generel consensus is what matters, and on a forum such as this there's always going to be a larger amount of people viewing it as part of this new generation than there is in the general public. Yet even here of all places the poll is split.

Do this same poll in a few more years and I guarantee "no" would be the overwhelming winner.

Do you think people in the public are really thinking that the 3.5 year old Switch is part of the "next generation!" that all the mainstream news outlets they read are talking about?

10 years from now Switch will be remembered alongside PS4/XBO becuase when your average joe gamer thinks about the next generation right now, they are absolutley not thinking about the Switch being part of that.