COKTOE said:
Nautilus said:
I don't understand the mentality of excluding Nintendo here... they are all console manufacturers, they all are direct competitors, just with different products....

Some people do some crazy mental gymnastics here.

By my estimation the prevailing mentality on Vgchartz, historically and currently, is to not consider Nintendo a direct competitor to MS and Sony. Again and again. Through success and failure. I do not ascribed to this line of thinking, but feel it's quite pervasive.

Nintendo themselves said they arn't.
They arn't competeing in makeing a homeconsole, and instead would chase a blue ocean.
Their doing their own thing, and are fine with it.

Also alot of people (here) that own a switch, also own another system (PS/XB).
This means the switch is a go-together-with type of deal, instead of a either-or, thingy.
Which was nintendos plan, they're doing a differnt thing, but it sells well.