Nautilus said:
JRPGfan said:

"jump started "their" generation".
Nintendo didnt jump start the 9th gen.
Only their own product line of consoles.

2 > 1.

XB and PS are launching soon (together, at the same time), and thats when the 9th gen starts.

"Even if you want to use the word in the context of sales, since you brought up the point of the Switch competing with the PS4 and X One, when the PS5 and Series X eventually launches, what will become of your argument?"

And what about the Switch competeing agains the PS4/XB1? is that just to be ignored then?

nautilus you use a odd meaning of the word generations.
The entire forum is pretty split on what it actually means, but Im not alone in thinking so (the majorty I think actually views it this way).
Also we ve had this same discussion so damn many times, this is my last reply on the matter.

" it will still be the only Nintendo system on the market to compete with the other companies. It's a simple math. And much as the PS5 and the Series X is a 9th gen, so is the Switch. There is absolutely no way to confuse this."

Soon as switch 2, launches in like 2022, your gonna say its the 10th gen.
Even though it probably spends more time competeing against the PS5/XSX, than it does the gen after that.

Nintendo isnt part of the "generations" anymore.
They launch their own products whenever they want, typically mid gen of the others.

Of course Nintendo started the 9th gen. It was the first one to launch a 9th gen console. If Sony launched the PS5 first, then they would have started the 9th gen.And yeah, if Nintendo launches the Switch 2 before the PS6 or Series X 2, it will be the start of the 10 gen. What's so confusing about it?

And no, you are in the minority. Just look at the poll and the answers. If the PS5 was "only" competing with the Series X in the 9th gen, I doubt it would have 70% of the votes on the No, considering most of the forum users are compromised of Nintendo and Sony fans. And the answers also show the same thing, that they don't think that will happen because Nintendo is just too strong right now.

If you want to compare 8th gen sales, then just compare them to the Wii U and the X One. Those are the 9th gen consoles. If you want to do it in a year by year basis, however, then it's fine to include the Switch, because you are comparing what each console did on their own on that day and moment.

And why is Nintendo not part of the "generation" discussion anymore? Is it fear that Nintendo will be so overwhelming better in the sales department that you want to remove them from the equation?

You know what? It's easier to make a thread and poll about this.

This forum has more nintendo fans, and xbox fans, proportional to the consoles market share, than the avg user base of each systems.
Nintendo especially is very heavly represented on VGChartz.

Even so, your thread, "Poll - Is Switch a 9th gen console?"  has the Switch at ~54% answearing "No" its not.