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TheBraveGallade said:
noshten said:

So what if Nintendo isn't announcing anything because they don't have anything big ready for 2020 or they pushed it back to 2021... I've always assumed they would have something ready. 

Could this mean they are clearing the way for 3rd Party games this holiday? So far Bandai Namco is working on Pokemon Snap, Konami is releasing Momotaro Dentetsu, Atlas will be launching SMT V next year but have an SMT III Nocturne ready for the holidays, Square has Bravely Default 2. Marvelous I'd also be very happy if Platinum is ready with Bayonetta 3, honestly if Bayo 3 releases I can wait until March/April 2021 for BotW 2 without any complaints. 

So what we are left with is Level-5 a hot mess right now & Koei Tecmo who I doubt have anything that could sell >200K on the Switch. 
And the final elephant in the room this December would be the perfect time for Capcom to drop Monster Hunter Switch in Japan... Looking at how New Horizon has exploded on the Switch... a new upgraded Monster Hunter could very easily be the biggest game in the franchise in Japan and it would be in less than one year. 

Oh yeah forgot Sega... like they've seemed to forget how to make games for the Switch this year and Marvelous who actually do have something

IF capcom drops a proper new MH on switch this year... that, in and of itself, could be the death sentence for the ps5 in japan before it even takes off, like how MH3U and MH4 killed any chance of the vita competing with the 3ds.

a lot of the smaller niche devs, at that point, could start completly ignoring the ps5, while bigger but not huge devs would be stupid to not go at least cross platform.

Monster Hunter Switch worldwide release( Nintendo release in the West)? Capcom seems to rational, not good for then.