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I mean by release the start of the eighth gen was the Wii U in 2012, with PS4 and X1 following in 2013. The switch released 5 years after the start of the generation (4.5 if you count wii u or 6 if you count 3ds as the start, but i went in the middle) this would suggest it would fit just fine in the ninth generation, even if its competition didn't start till 3.5 years after it. If I'm not mistaken the Turbografx-16 was released about 3 years before the SNES and both are apart of the 4th generation. Also the 3DO and Saturn were released during the SNES's hayday, but are fifth generation consoles. While these consoles are technically more advanced, being 32 bit I believe, this shows that generations can start while another console from a previous generation is in its best years. Granted my arguments can be used to argue both sides so this was a waste of text.