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PAOerfulone said:
with 5.28 million copies sold physically, this number of shipments: assuming they’re selling in the 80-100% range would look like this:

100% - 5.28 million
95% - 5.56 million
90% - 5.87 million
85% - 6.21 million
80% - 6.60 million

And that’s not counting digital. Which, based purely on my own hypothesis, this is a total shot in the dark so take this with a grain of salt, would be 1-1.5 million digital sales.

So overall shipped+digital numbers could range anywhere from 6.28 - 8.10 million.

I’ll say this: Nintendo’s upcoming Earnings Release next week is going to be the most interesting in quite some time.

i said this before if you go with capcoms digital ratio of 80% the game is at 26,5 million

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