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Machiavellian said:

I agree those online system are junk and probably something we did 7 years ago.  Instead the tools I use for teaching online actually have virtual desk on cloud servers where you can log into your machine at anytime anywhere.  The teacher have full view of all the desktops and can jump in remotely to help individual students when needed.  Also the tool allowed the teacher to break out students into groups of one to many depending on the project.  The good part about this is that the teacher can help students that are having issues who would normally just sit and say nothing in class because they do not want to be noticed as falling behind. The tech is even better now since I stopped teaching but this is a private company.  If we could get even a fraction of the investment we put into our military all schools could be up and running with an advance simple setup in probably about 2 months.  It would be pushing it but there are companies that are skilled in this stuff. Unfortunately, I do not see that investment coming anytime soon so these outdated online classes will be the norm for a while.

That sounds amazing! I wish we had that here yet unfortunately the schools can't even hire extra cleaners so the kids will have to clean their own desks to remain covid free.... I really don't know what to do in September with my wife being in the severe risk group. Missing school is still better than growing up without a mother.

We'll get more info tomorrow, hopefully also about the home learning plans.

I also talked to my dad today who lives in the Netherlands. It's baffling how different the advice is there. In the Netherlands they say kids under 12 can't spread covid so all back to class without measures in two weeks. Up to 18 has less risk so they can be in near full classes as well as long as they stay away from the teacher.... Here they say, above 10, same risk as adults to spread the virus. Under 10 still a risk but half of that between adults. Kids need to wear face masks to school but not during lunch hour, thus pointless. No measures to keep the air filtered etc.

This is back to school in Thailand

I'm getting tired of the arguments here that cases are mild in children, so better to send them back to school, completely ignoring the risk of passing it on to the parent and grand parents. School starts beginning of September here, right in time for the second wave to start building :/