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Thank you for that nice reply. Well maybe not here. I also check Twitter, where I’m not joking that seems to be the “frontlines” of the console war. It’s mostly Goopys opinion; more or less fear mongering that Game Pass is the “death” of AAA games. Quite the negative prophecy. Also that it’s not sustainable and will be dropped because it’s so value packed. Then you got staunch“I don’t rent games I only buy” but usually said in a disingenuous way.  

The contrary is that AAA like Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 show no evidence of being lesser then their predecessors. Also future AAA games like SoD3, Fable, Avowed, HB2. Even Halo for its looks is the most ambitious campaign in franchise history and the MP should be as feature packed as ever. And finally GP doesn’t restrict you from buying games.

It’s the usual. Back and forth, my side is better then yours. Your pros are crap my pros matter more. That’s why I like it here, it’s more civilized. 

That's just it, I'm not trying to be nice or mean or cruel or callous or compassionate. I'm just trying to explain in most every post of mine why things are the way they are and why some people seem to perceive things differently. I'm not trying to 'let you down easily' or anything, I just go by what I feel, what I observe, and what I think is the most logical explanation. My post up there was very simple: Gamepass is a great deal, but it doesn't seem to be enough to get people to buy an Xbox. It's the most delicious icing on a pretty tiny little mediocre cake.

If the Xbox brand had more games, then Gamepass would be outstanding; however, without that initial buy-in incentive, gamers don't get the most benefit out of the service. Same with Backwards compatibility, that sort of shit is AWESOME and I wish Sony was doing it better, but the reality is that people don't buy new consoles for old games and it seems a stunningly large amount of people still prefer to buy or own their games. Goopy has some points, even if he's a little off from time to time. 

In order to get the most out of Gamepass and Backwards compatibility and more powerful hardware (The three things Xbox does best), you need those exclusive games. Without that incentive as the core driving force behind the console, those other sweet-assed features are delicious toppings on a lacklustre meal. 

That's why I keep saying none of that matters. That's why I keep saying Xbox has no games. That's why I personally feel Microsoft would be better going third party. Nintendo and Sony both have huge lineups of legacy franchises and new IPs that sell well, are beloved, and run the gamut from every genre and age group, but Microsoft is very pointedly an 'American' system, focused on shooters and racers. They do those games fairly well (Forza is the best racing game franchise out there; Halo, though not my thing, is probably the most iconic shooter of all time, etc), but it's basically all they do. Targetting a niche demographic is fine when you're not a console manufacturer, but Microsoft needs to broaden its horizons and try new things. Not just make promises, but actually follow through. 

That's also why I'd be super keen on the idea of GamePass on PS5 (or if I bite the bullet and upgrade, PC, since it almost certainly won't ever come to PS5): Microsoft has a few good games and the deal is outstanding, it's just not enough to make me want an Xbox. 

As for twitter and stuff...well, you're on the internet. IT doesn't matter what side of any debate you're on you're likely to find the most vile and hateful rhetoric. 

That’s all fair to say. That said I think GP is worth it even if you don’t count 1st party. Plenty of 3rd party gems are on it. Even ones you’d think everybody has played were up in the charts like RDR2, GTA5, Witcher 3. Gems for me included Kingdom Come, Metro Trilogy, Wolfenstein 1/2, Rage 2, LOTR Mordor/Shadow of War, Outer Worlds. 

The day 1 exclusive perk is the icing on the cake imo. Saving money on some of the best 3rd party content in the generation (provided you are willing to wait a year after they release) is reason alone to get Xbox. From a purely financial savings point of view. 

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Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.