Console war may be over (debatable), but the war for our entertainment bucks ain't over. The entertainment battlefield is wider and deeper than it's ever been. Which is why you probably won't see GP on things like PS5 or Switch unless they SONY or Nintendo waive fees.

The path forward for these companies seems easy to see. SONY sells 100m+ Playstation consoles a gen and sells lots of 1st and 3rd party games. Nintendo sells 100m+ handhelds and hybrids and sells shit tons of 1st party games and quite a few 3rd party games. Microsoft sells subscriptions and games on Everything Else, including their own console, even if said console is in the 40-50m sell range.

Microsoft is betting on the cloud and they are doing gang busters doing it. Just because they rank 3rd on consoles consistently doesn't mean they won't make big bucks.

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