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eva01beserk said:
DonFerrari said:
After watching the MS show, the only games that seemed remotely impressive weren't crossgen (showed as Xbox Series X and PC, no mention of One on the end), so seems like Phill isn't right and for god's sake Goopy may been wrong and the Xbox One didn't hold crossgen down for XSX, but well none looked great.

You might need to clarify. Did you mean goopy was wrong because all the games look bad, not just the crosgen ones?

Because aside from medium if I'm not mistaken was the only xsx only game that was technically demanding. Any other game was just a cg trailer so we know nothing yet.

I dont know, halo was the main topic of discussion on this thread. I think a lot of people owe goopy an apologie after that infinite showcase. 

Goopy wasn't wrong, the games that looked better were the ones that didn't had a Xbox One version, cgi trailer or not.

And PS5 games looked better basically for most games even if weaker.

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