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goopy20 said:
Flouff said:

I still can't measure the impact of Gamepass on the gaming ecosystem. In a near future, it won't change gaming that much, because there are other consoles makers, third party games are not usually day one on it, and Microsoft is in an hybrid situation where it's a console maker and a service provider. However, they said yesterday that Gamepass is a long term project that doesn't lead to a lot of earnings for now. How this service can be cheap in the future if they success and third party games are day one on it, and won't benefit from earlier sales on others plateformes ? I don't know if it can kill traditional consoles. I don't know, according to the fact everything is available only by this kind of service, if it will transform even more the economic model for games as a service. Or if we will be in a situation where we must suscribe to 5 or 6 service providers, like we must do fr TV shows with Netflix, Disney, or to see every kind of football competitions.
I'm a bit conflicted. It seems a good value for gamers short term, but after... Well, the time it happens, maybe i would have already left gaming.

I'm also not sure what to think of it. If you look at the success of Fortnite, then it makes sense that that is the type of games MS hopes to recreate and have it locked behind GP. But ever since Epic released Fortnite, they haven't released anything noteworthy since. I mean why would they when they can just keep updating Fortnite and make way more revenue?

I'm a bit afraid we will see the same thing with MS's first party games. Grounded was just released on GP. It's great and I can definitely see it becoming a big game for MS. However, after playing for like an hour, I got a message that I already completed the story content... Multiplayer also doesn't seem to be working so it's obviously a game that isn't finished yet. If it becomes a smash hit, it wouldn't surprise me if Obsidian would put all their resources in it and it could be a while before we seen anything else from them, like Avowed for example. I also don't like the idea that there won't be a new Halo and I have a strong feeling Fable, Forza and Everwild will all follow the same GAAS formula. 

Games as a service and gamepass, is the Xbox strategy.
For it to work, you need a large user base, which means not dropping old devices.
The drawback is this limits your game design, and graphics.

Now theres work arounds, artstyle can cover for alot of it.
Ei. dont try to make realistic looking games, its too demanding.
Go with less complexity, and cartoony looks, is easier on the hardware.

Thats why alot of these games (fortnite) arnt so demanding, and scale well with hardware.
Xbox is obviously attempting something akin to that.

343 said Halo Infinate is the last stand alone halo you will get (for atleast 10+ years).
They will do occasional dlc and expansions for it.  It'll be a GaaS style halo.