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Mr Puggsly said:

I am not exactly sure why people thought this would even look next gen. Its being built for X1 and time is limited to suddenly make it next gen level.

Because it might be releasing on Next-Gen consoles and Microsoft has been promoting the fact?

Mr Puggsly said:

I am actually okay with the presentation because it essentially looks like a cleaner version of Halo 5. From my memory you were pretty critical of the significant compromises made in that game. This is kinda what I wanted from Halo 5 on more powerful hardware, just a clean looking game.


Mr Puggsly said:

As far as lighting goes, that may never be addressed unless we get a ray tracing update. That addition could be a fairly easy way to make a massive change in the overall presentation.

It shouldn't need addressing. 343i is a big developer with lots of intelligent individuals backed by one of the largest tech companies on Earth.

Game engines are generally highly scalable, that isn't being demonstrated this time around, Microsoft needed to drive home the narrative that the "Xbox Series X" is the "most powerful console ever" and actually demonstrate that capability.

Mr Puggsly said:

Wowing people now is more difficult than 2001 I imagine.

Doesn't seem to be an issue for Sony with Death Stranding, Horizon, Last of Us... Been wowing gamers on the visual fronts recently.

Shaunodon said:

'Powered by the Slipspace Engine'

They marketed it this way. They've had time to get it right, and they targeted the launch of Xbox Series X to showcase this title. It should look next-gen. No excuses.

If it's not up to par at launch, it should be delayed.

Ironically, the dynamic lighting and material shaders in the Slipspace engine demonstration was actually pretty impressive... And got me excited for what it could mean for a Halo game.

Sometimes a technical demonstration just doesn't align with the final product sadly.

Mr Puggsly said:

Halo 4 and 5 had exceptional graphics during cutscenes. I'm wondering if Halo Infinite is doing that as well?

Will go without saying, they have stepped up their cutscenes in recent years, taking a page out of Blizzards book I think.

Mr Puggsly said:

Either way, I remember that trailer, but I also remember this one...

I was always skeptical about the trailer you posted because that was before 9th gen was announced. Maybe that would be PC graphics? Bearing in mind this was always a Xbox One game I guess it kept my expectations realistic.

Even that demonstration showcased some very interesting rendering approaches with depth of field and various post process effects, not to mention the  volumetric fog being affected by different coloured dynamic lights which led to a very good presentation.

Otter said:

Going back to look at the Halo 4 reveal on 360 its interresting to compare. Even though the framerate is stuttering at 30fps, the visuals do appeal to me more here. Hopefully they can soon show off some content which boasts both the gameplay openness of Infinite with some more intriguing enemy types & location because Infinite had a lacking sense of newness imo. Whereas had a Metroid feel to it which got me quite excited actually

Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 had baked global illumination and shadowing, so it looked like it was punching above it's weight for the given hardware.
Dynamic lighting is significantly more demanding on resources.

In saying that, Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 had Subsurface scattering which made character models look extremely impressive... And that is actually Ray Tracing. (Aka. Bounce lighting underneath the skins surface.)

Halo 4 did make a few regressions, for example it's geometric complexity I felt was a step back over Halo 3 in various areas as the developer invested more polygons into character models. (Something had to give.)

Halo 4 was a technical showpiece for the Xbox 360, probably the most technically impressive game on the platform and one of the most visually impressive games of the entire 7th gen, it proved the Xbox 360 could "hang there" with Playstation 3 exclusives like Uncharted despite the "power of the cell".

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