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goopy20 said:
sales2099 said:

Consoles are the main source of GP subscribers. Console allows easiest marketing and access to the subscription and what it offers VS checking via phone or PC. Previous gen gamers move on eventually and it’s their choice to provide cross gen support in year 1. Many people are console gamers only. Xbox One has a “taint” associated with it, next gen feels (and is) new and full of potential. 1st and 3rd party digital game sales (because not everybody will use GP and still have options to buy whenever they want). 

That enough reasons? 

Why not release the Game Pass app on ps5 and Switch as well, then? 

It would be a win win for everybody.

Like I said, in regards to dropping their console, it’s about all those 3rd party game sales they’d be missing out on. Hundreds of millions of copies sold over the course of several years. It’s...not the best idea to give it up to Sony. 

Also everywhere they would put GP on a competing platform they have to give a cut. Think that’s why GP isn’t on Steam as of yet and if they did put GP somewhere else it would be Steam. Because Steam isn’t a console and Xbox would still be unique in offering GP. Better to take the whole $10 per month then give a competitor a portion. Better to keep your best card to yourself where it matters (consoles). 

And considering most current subs come from Xbox consoles, it’s in MSs best interests to keep making consoles and control the platform to best market the service how they want.

But I imagine all of this is falling on deaf ears and this thread will go back and forth for at least a week. Ok, see you tomorrow for the daily grind (uses console war punch clock, clocks out for the day). 

Last edited by sales2099 - on 28 July 2020

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