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Idk why I forgot about Halo 5, guess it’s been too long but I had completed two missions so I should have known Prometheans were there, you fight them in level one. Also Buck from ODST, I was surprised to see Nathan Fillion in Halo but obviously he’s in Halo 5.

Beat the first two levels again. Not a fan of these weird looking cut scenes. The heads look bizarre and don’t animate well imho. Especially the Spartans.

Gameplay is great though! More awesome Promethean fights, now looking better than ever. I dig the extended sprint (is it infinite?) and the Spartan rush moves it ground pound whatever but it seems hit or miss whether the game lets me do one or just does a regular melee.

Is who the main enemy is that they keep referring to. Ukrunda Cabra.

Actually never mind it’s that Jul Madam guy you kill in mission one.