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Ok, I laughed at the meme. Twice. I can't not drop a like for the gift it has given to me. Also, how many 1st posts get "X" likes and a ban?

Aaaanyway. I did watch the stream finally. I think Halo looks fine. I'm not too discriminating when it comes to graphics ( and that's not a back handed compliment ), and can see the potential it has overall. Although I haven't play a Halo game since Halo 2, I did play the hell out of them, and like the idea of a ( semi? ) open world game set on a ring. I'm very curious to see how Infinite will be handled as a.....uhg....service, and how pervasive the more unsavory elements that tend to accompany such games may or may not be.

I'll check out the trailer in the op soon-ish.

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