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Eagle367 said:
When will people learn that infinite is the last current gen game like breath of the wild was for Wii U, not a next gen game. But it's a system seller nonetheless for it's gameplay and I think it's the right move to release it like this. It will give serious momentum to Xbox series x

Nintendo doesn't do standard generations anymore, or at least don't compete for generational standard graphics. That's why Breath of the Wild still looks uniquely beautiful. It's not focused on pushing raw graphics or visuals but it's own distinctive art style.

Halo Infinite however was first teased two years ago with a big 'Powered by the Slipspace Engine' tag. DF even did their video analysis on that trailer back then, and it's rather funny (not in a good way) how it's aged.

So even though we knew it'd be cross-gen, we still expected them to be pushing the boundary with their technology.