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Pemalite said:
The game doesn't look next-generation sadly. It does look clean.

But the pop-in, flat lighting, the sprite-work that sticks out... Doesn't leave me with much faith.

In saying that, it also doesn't look bad, so as long as they nail the gameplay it might be okay, unfortunately though, first impressions last and the first impression is always going to be a visual one... Even this trailer doesn't really show the visuals in the best light.

But some of the new gameplay toys look fun.

Its the complete lack of decals that's jarring. No mud on tyres on the Warthog. No steps on wet mud. No blood on floor. No bullet holes, no scorch marks left after explosions.

Shadows or lighting just looks flat. Hardly any hard shadows left by well anything even under flood lighting for the Elite inside the small base. Little to no SSAO on enemies. Guns missing lighting from muzzle flash. Explosions and grenades don't emit any light.

Even smaller minute details like grenade teleporting because MC never had it in his hand before thown and ship clipping through tree. Then then you have inconsistent resolution on textures and some enemy animations stuck in last gen. Foliage is completely static.... Everything just looks a little too clean and lack imperfections etc etc.

I mean its not even standard stuff, its quite shocking that they thought it was okay to show that build off (apparently was an old build of the game)

Saying that, the game does look quite fun to play. Which is the main thing and graphics can be updated. I would say they should delay it until its ready but that's just me.

Last edited by hinch - on 26 July 2020