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Ryuu96 said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
Finished Halo 3. Another very good game where the narrative really picks up towards the end. Really enjoyed the increased variety of enemies and weapon types. I’m only playing on Normal but the great Halo AI is still evident.

Overall story wise... why did the Covenant have to come to Earth to get to the Ark? So they get to the Ark and the Flood arrive as well. I am assuming all these brutes and Covenant still fighting, are still believers of all the religious stuff? Meanwhile humanity and the Flood want to stop them to prevent from being wiped out.

Why does the Oracle keep saying MS is a Forerunner or something? Maybe this comes up in later games.

I also started Halo 4. Holy shit, this was made on the same console as Halo 3? Seems impossible. Maybe it sacrifices some of the open structure of the older games for these graphics? They’re very good. And the sounds, amazing. Big step up from the Bungie Halo games. And sprint! 4 is off to a great start.


The only portal which leads directly to The Ark was on Earth.

Correct, Elites mostly, realised The Great Journey was nonsense and Prophets are just using them, the Covenant still fighting still believed in The Great Journey and all that nonsense, I think for Grunts/Hunters it is less about believing in it, more that The Covenant forced them into service by threatening to glass their planet.

Jackals are basically Space Pirates, so they don't give a crap and Brutes are stupid so they still believe in it.

Spark, I don't have a clue, apparently that was just old dialogue left in because the Terminals (added in last minute) in Halo 3 establish that Forerunners and Humanity are not the same. We can probably ignore it and just say Spark was a lunatic.


Spoiler text. while not technically correct, in regards to mc being a forerunner, it is confirmed that while humanity aren't  forerunners the last of the forerunners declared humanity to be the inheritors of Forerunner tech, so  Spark and others see them that way .

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot