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sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:

I never claim to have anything of games that are not released. I claimed that we have had many games already that MS overhyped and showed crazzy cg trailers like halo did for them to look like a 360 game. Could thouse games shown actually deliver? They definetly can, but history says MS has disapointed more times than actually meet expectations.

Ugh, sucks that people like you won’t be convinced until the meta score is there for all to see. 

At least we can in theory agree that the Halo Gears Forza and mid gen drought narratives are a thing of the past. CG or not Xbox has multiple unique AAA games in development along with smaller ones. If all we got to do is wait one game at a time, so be it. 

Let’s see how Flight SIM and Wasteland 3 do in August. There, 2 tangible games out in the very near future from XGS. 

I can definetly agree to that. Smaller games is sure better than no games. Thats definetly one big improvement they made over the last couple of gens.

Please, meta means nothing. Im here hating the last of us 2 and i dont care what the meta says or thats even an exclusive on my prefer console. Do better please. Im willing to critizies my team when they screw up.

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.